ioioio 대안영상문화발전소 아이공 i空(共)ioio
ioioio 대안영상문화발전소 아이공 i空(共)ioio




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  Seoul International NewMedia Festival

  Feminism Video Acitivism Biennale2010

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The official announcement of the selected works
54 8761  /  1043
2006년 10월 02일 17시 53분 12초

Now we announce the selected works from public subscription for 6th the New Media Festival in seoul.

We have received 400 artworks in public subscription from August 1st to September 8th, and selected 49 pieces among them. These selected works will be shown during New Media festival in seoul (Nov 17th~Nov 25th). The official announcement of the prizewinning works will be on the last day of the festival after screening.

The selected works are as follows.

*Video (44pieces)
Please permit/Kim da-won
video killed the radio star/Jung yoon -suk
Jane project/Moon na
Moment/Kim se-hee
the fish/Park kyung -mi
For savrina/Park jay-hyun
Moving panorama/Byun Jae -kyu
Sentimental EVE/Won sung-goo
Respiration/Lee han-ah
Circle of life/Kim mi-kyoung
Detective NO.62/Kwon hyeok-jae
The Blocks/Sin mi-ri
Painter/Park young-kyun
Narrow gate/Elizabeth Yerin Shim
22.5 Hours in motion/Elizabeth Yerin Shim
AUS/Kim hyun-joo
hug/Lee chang
EARS-my heart always/Ji suk-min
Play/Kim chul-min
Faceless things/kim kyung-mook
Intimate stranger/Cho hye-jeong
Don't cry baby,flowers every where/Fay Sin
O sweet virgin/Lee yoon-jung
Very Korean compurex/Sung Ki-wan, Yim Sung-yul, Kwon Byung-jun,Kim Ji-yang, Suh Sang-young, Choi Binna, Gim Hong-sok, Kim Sung-ho
Black box/ Jang Min-hee, Park Hye-jin,Song Hyun-joo,Yoon. Ji-na/
BRAVI1760/kang ji-won/Chu da-won
AI/Han sung-nam
Imitation/Honj eun-ji
parmacon/Lee say-oak
Flower coffin 27/Hwang bo-im
The land of no inhabitans/Park yong-seok
Thing that harden softly /Chung ja-young
dear/Chung ja-young
dialogue/Kim ji-hyen,kwon min-jin,Song ji-eun
Circus/Seo eun-jung
Dream Tapir / LEE Young-seok
I Make the Flower Open for the Sole Reason of Finding a Lost Thing. / DONGKeuRamee,JUNG Jin-hee
date line/chih-chien
Ultra Super Powerful Father/Kim hee-jung
Red Jinju/ Lee Jin-ju
A.R.T.DIE /Black Jaguar
What's art?/Black Jaguar
Beat,Rhythm,Anima/Yung-Ta Chang

*Net (4pieces)

readable picture / Kang hyuk
Here and elsewhere/Lee eui-young
The Epistle to The Life /Park hyoung-min,Park jun-su
from the great beyond/Fang-Yu Lin

*Radio (1piece)
train in 5 mins/Chung-han yao

**These selected artworks should be sent with DV6mm for screening by October 20th to the administration. (In case of radio-works, net-works, installation, the program will be progressed by mutual consent between artists and the administration.)

**Artists who didn't give us profile picture and still images of artworks should send us them by October 10th via email. (

hank you again for submitting your artworks for 6th New Media Festival in Seoul and we hope for your constant interest in the festival.

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